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Blogging for Money

Not that I'm mocking Kottke at all, but this is a good wake up call to many who think that they can make a living out of full-time blogging. At best, revenue that you may collect through online corporate advertising (Adsense, Chitika, etc.) can only cover your web hosting fees, and if you are lucky, electricity bills for 1/12 of the year.

And for all the many websites out there that claim to have earned 5 figure digits per year, come on out and show us your rock-hard-solid-paper pay cheques from your advertisers. Your laughable desktop screenshots of your Photoshop-ped earnings just don't work.

The reality is, Google Adsense has been running on Think Blogging for almost a month now, and all I've got is $2.00. (I remain optimistic) Guys, let's just keep our day jobs ye?

Read more about Kottke: here.

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