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Technorati Tagging Helping Page Views

Just to clarify, this post is about tagging your blog posts to Technorati tag pages. Specifically with HTML codes like this

<a href="[tagname]" rel="tag">[tagname]</a>

Right now, there are plugins for Wordpress that does Technorati tagging for their posts. Others choose to do it manually. BloggingPro writes that it has raised his viewership by 10%. I'm not sure how simply tagging your posts like this and linking it to Technorati can increase exposure of your site. After all, Technorati only mentions of "Anyone with a blog can contribute to Technorati Tag pages." And not of how they can contribute to us!

I'm not sure about this increase in viewership thing. But I'm going to tag my posts anyway, to find out for myself. I'll let you guys know in a while!

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