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Ready, Set .. Ping-Blog!

Good morning everyone! Hope you all had some good sleep last night, or were you all catching up with wrestling? I hoped you all have rememebered to ping your blogs before bed time last night!

Ping, in the context we are discussing it as, is to notify blog services that you have updated your blog, and there is new content. These blog services in response will index your content to their database, so that your information will be available when you want it to, rather than to wait for your site to be crawled. It is like being the first to tell on a gossip!

Many blog directories and services have their own ping services, but that's just going to take alot of time and trouble to update all of them one at a time. Let's not be silly and list every one of them here. There are nice services that do the pings for us.
Pingomatic is like a daddy. It's the first ever ping service I've heard of. Wordpress guys uses it to ping automatically by the way.
Pingomatic is ping-ing to 23 blog directories. Feed Burner, My Yahoo!, Technorati, NewsGator ...
Pingomatic deals with the more common blog directories, there are no language specific blog directories available here.
You don't get any nonsense at Ping and go.
Blogflux is ping-ing to 17 blog directories. My Yahoo!,, Weblogs ...
Also ping-ing to 15 language specific directories. French, Japanese, Spanish ...
Pingoat is a new but very popular service. Nice catchy name and a whole load of directories!
Pingoat is ping-ing to 35 blog directories. Blogpeople, Blogstreet, Newsisfree, Feedster, My Yahoo! ...
Also ping-ing to 17 language specific directories. Japanese, Spanish ...
You can bookmark the same ping page, as a way to save your settings. That way, just revisit your bookmark for an immediate ping.
Haha, all I can say is that they have the coolest logo around! For RSS feeds.
Feedping is ping-ing to 13 feed services. Technorati, Ice Rocket, Feed Miner ...
Feedping is in a different league here, but since most blogs have RSS feeds, try using Feedping to reach out to a wider audience.

King Ping
Apparently King Ping started because of a prolonged downtime in Pingomatic and they couldn't wait.
King Ping is ping-ing to 18 blog directories. Moreover,, Syndic8, Weblogalot ...

Feed Shark
Feed Shark is another feed ping-ing service.
Feed Shark is ping-ing to 21 feed services. Search4RSS, Fastbuzz, EasyRSS ...
21 sounds like a lot, but you have to click each one of them manually.
Feedshot is a feed ping-ing service. You can choose between a paid or a free version.
Feedshot pings to 8 feed services for free., Rubhub, Technorati ...
Also pings to 19 feed services for $3.
Offering a paid service for this? Er ...
FeedSubmitter is a feed submission service.
FeedSubmitter submits to 16 feed services. Yahoo!, Blogstreet, Postami, RSS Locator ...
When trying the service out, only 4 out of 16 site submissions were successful.

But I'm sure there are more around ...

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Ready, Set .. Ping-Blog!
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