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Google Adsense Optimization

Google hardly disappoints. Many have claims to earn thousands from their websites using Adsense. These people swear by methods, tips and tricks to make Adsense work for them. I've yet to get Adsense working for me, really. But I'm trying out some of these optimization tips I've seen every now and then. Thought I may share them with you. There are 5 currently, and hope to add on more soon.

1. Make Use of And Position Your Link Units

Most publishers will recommend that you place Link Units below main page titles/headings, thereafter if you like, also place them in within your side navigation links. Customize the colour of your link units, to that merge seemlessly into the design, just like other links. It is one of first things your users see on your website. For some weird reason alot of viewers will mistaken it for your own links, and click on them. Well if you aren't exactly honest, try this trick.

2. Position Your Advertisements Wisely

As a rule of thumb, keep Leaderboards (horizontal spanning ones) to the top and bottom of the pages, and Skyscrapers on the sides (close to the scroll bar.) Also, some how, viewers do accidentally click on these advertisements when they are using their mouse wheels scrolling through pages. Do not place Leaderboards and Skyscrapers in the middle of your content, thinking that there's where all attention is. You are more likely to be irritating your viewers.

For blog owners, or online content publishers, place Square or Rectangular Ad Units after each article/blog post. After reading through your content, you readers will be wondering what to do next, and where to go from here. With revelant ads after each article, you are effectively presenting a continuation for their surfing. For more information, see a Adsense heat map.

3. Use Proper Keywords - With AdWords Keywords Tool

To ensure more relevant ads for your content, you may like to consider using the Google AdWords Keywords Tool. What it does is to suggest keywords or phrases, to give publishers ideas for new keywords to improve ad relevance. I'm using this tool to get suggestions for more specific keywords in my content.

4. Using Competition Filters

Competition Filters allows you to filter ads from certain websites from being shown on your website. Without filtering these irrelevant ads out, you are losing out a chance to display ads that may interest your viewers.

Not filtering irrelevant ads may hurt the performance of your Adsense. The more relevance you can get with Google Adsense ads to display as they should, the more chances they have to be clicked. Take some time to analyse the ads appearing on your sites. Spot irrelevant ads, and filter them out. This has to be an on-going optimization.

5. Section Targetting

Adsense features Section Targetting. By adding HTML tags to your website, you can specify certain content out for specific ad-targetting. This removes some guess-work from Google's side, so that you are actually getting the type of ads that you want.

To specify content to be considered for ads:
<!-- google_ad_section_start -->
<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

To exclude content not to be considered for ads:
<!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) -->

For more optimization tips, hear it from the horse's mouth.

*** DISCLAIMER: The author of this article is definitely not an expert in Google Adsense. The article merely shares current popular Adsense optimization tips. As with all articles found over the Internet, do decide for yourself the accuracy and credibility of the information.

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