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Free Wordpress Blog Hosts

I guess by now most would already know Wordpress as a powerful blog publishing software, well known for it's easy to use administration interface and themeable themes. I guess people use Wordpress, because you can customise just almost anything. Allow me to track down some of the free Wordpress hosts. [Last Updated: 14/1/06]
What's Good:
. Cute name, could be easy to mistype though
. Wordpress 2.0
. Says they have 150 Themes, some customisation okay for themes
. Fast and easy sign up
. Blog Statistics
. No banners or link backs
What's Not:
. No file uploads
Another free host has everything of, except for a less presentable name,
What's Good:
. Ran by the folks who give you Wordpress
. Free Blog Statistics
. Akismet Spam Manager
. The team says they are open for suggestions
What's Not:
. Only 14 Pre-installed Themes
. And you can't edit these themes
. Which means no advertisements of any kind
. No File Uploads
What's Good:
. Many themes to choose from, with minor tweaking
. Fast and quick set up
What's Not:
. No file uploads
. Business related domain name worries me about privacy issues
. Ugly blog address,
What's Good:
. File Uploads - 314 MB Free
. Ability to edit installed themes
. Spamminator, to sieve out spam comments for you
. Some pre-installed plugins. e.g. Click Counter & Referer Tracker
. Last heard, you can run Google Adsense on accounts
What's Not:
. No big daddy. It's out running on it's own
. Weirdy domain name, means you get a weird looking address
What's Good:
. Domain name quite cool
. Says can put Google Adsense
What's Not:
. It's not been accepting registrations since October 2005. "A while," they say.
What's Good:
. To be updated
What's Not:
. Unprofessional e-mail sent during registration
. Problems with accessing /wp-admin/ when it's supposed to be set up
. Can't imagine what more to come when I can login successfully

Heard anything?

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