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Free Blog Templates

Of course, one of the more fun things about having a blog, is that you get to choose how you want your site to look like. Using templates is a little like website designing, maybe just less troublesome because you have simple structures to work with. Here are some blog templates sites for fun.

Blogger-Templates - Top in Google search result. There's a good range of templates, but navigating them seems weird when you are clicking through the Archives to look through the templates. There are a few templates adapted from Typepad here.

Beccary Blogger Templates - Templates from Beccary from Hong Kong. 4 templates here only, but one of the best I've seen.

Thur's Templates - A Blogger templates showcase of an individual. His templates are nice, with a variety of 3 columns and 2 columns ones.

Eris Template Generator - A few nice and neat templates for download here. Best thing is that you can customize some aspects of your templates on this site, and then download it. Best thing, you can have them for Blogger, Movabletype and Wordpress.

Diaphaneity Blogger Templates - Alot and alot of girly templates. Like Hello Kitty, bunnies, and stuffs like "Naughty and Nice."

Spiderman Templates - Quite cool! Sony Pictures even got their own Spiderman Blogger Templates. Got 3 for you to choose from. Livejournal supported too.

Blog Templates - Some miscellaneous templates. Not very nice ones in my opinion. For Blogger.

Blog Fashions - 6 clean and neat templates for Movabletype. Too much to spend for their own domain name.

I don't think I would need to include Wordpress templates. Because they already have a wonderful collection of it under a few single sites, and they have fantastic support for it.

Something to suggest? Leave through comments if you like!

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BlogLines Has It All

Call me wols, but I just got round to using Bloglines a while ago. And I had a little fun with it. Unlike most domain names that have 'blog' in it, BlogLines is offering a service for real, that people USE. It's (I can't use basically) a RSS Feed Reader cum Blogging Platform cum Powerful Links Manager/Sharer. To me, that seems like quite alot it's offering already.

I particularly like way BlogLines handles the RSS Feed links for you. Simply because you can organise them into folders, and have them appear categorised on your blog. A while ago I tried, which didn't have support for multiple categories. So this is definitely a plus.

Bloglines offer a blog page for you too, thought I gather than most people who use that service, already have a blog of their own, and won't be using their blogging service. Thank you anyway.

The RSS feed reader performs as expected, but it's always good to have an online reader, to accompany you even when your laptop doesn't. Here's a screenshot of their administrative interface. I'm not a fan of frames, but it's not a big issue here.

I'm reviewing it primarily as a blog links manager, which I say, deserves a 5 star rating, for it's ease of sign up, installation, use, and management. Besides, it's under for sometime now. And you know what they say about big daddys and their kids. I'm using it now anyway.

It's free at

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