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Keep (Links) Rolling Rolling Rolling

I'm trying out today. It's a nice 1-step/stop blog links manager. To add on Blogrolling to your blog, all it takes is just 1 line of code, to display all the links on your blog via Javascript/RSS/PHP/OPML.

Sign up was quick and no frills. All I had to do was to supply my email address, verify that I'm not using a fraud email address, and install the 1 line code. Customisation of the blogrolls is possible with CSS - always a big plus. Besides CSS customisation, the link can also be automatically sorted in random order or by priority, along with other preferences you can set. There appears to be some sort of a 'sorting trick' where the size of the links are sorted accordingly to their sizes. Nothing smart about it but it could be neat for the youngsters.

Blogrolling looks neat and simple to use. Most importantly there isn't any unsightly advertisements, just a small link back. Blogrolling sadly, does not support multiple link categories like the Wordpress folks are used to. Nevertherless, I'd say this is a good service. I'm using it anyway for now.

It's free at

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