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Free Web Trackers And What You Really Need

» Visible/ Invisible Counters
Invisible counters are only for sites with underperforming visitor numbers. Showing off your visitor numbers, allows you to impress your first time visitors - the sites with the high visitor counts are usually the ones with the contents. There are so many designs of these counters you can definitely find one to suit your site. Regardless of your age, always opt for a simple advertisement free one.

They got so many of it: Amazing Counters (>450), FreeStatsCounter (~160) & SuperCounter (>100).

» Multiple Blogs Tracking
Though tracking multiple blogs under a same account may not be a necessary feature for many of us, some may still need them. Especially bloggers who dream of striking it rich as a blogger. Or messy Janes who sticks their hands in everything.

Got it: StatCounter & Activemeter.

» Search Engine Keywords
For more serious publishers, it is important to know the keywords that bring in the people to your contents. Even more so for niche publishers who are using content-based advertisements (e.g. Google Adsense) on their blogs. By reviewing the keywords, amend your site design or content accordingly to better reflect your niche. Must have, or ditch your tracker service.

They have good ones: RiteCounter, StatsSheet & SiteCounter.

» Visitor Paths & Popular Pages
Publishers usually track the popular pages, to make an educated decisions on where exactly in the site to place high value advertisements right where the people are. Visitor paths, on the other hand, tracks the least performing pages. When visitors are perpetually leaving at one point, consider revamping the design of the page to enhance readership, or review the content if necessary.

They track visitor paths: StatCounter, Debuging, StatSheet, RiteCounter & Activemeter.

» Referral URLs
To have a steady stream of visitors originating from one site, means that another blogger has linked to you, or has mentioned about you in a post. Consider providing a link back to the referral site, or leave back a thank you, as a nice gesture. The earlier you offer thanks, the better. Be quick to spot this. All counters should have this feature, or consider ditching it.

» Browser Statistics
No we really don't need Operating System statistics. Because most browsers now offer their products in multiple platforms, it's just useless to know who runs Mac OS X and who runs Redhat on your site. Browser statistics are important for template designers who cater their designs for different screen resolutions. If we all start using proportions in our designs, we probably won't need this anyway.

They have good ones: Activemeter & Debuging.

DISCLAIMER: Thinkblogging is not affiliated to any of the mentioned free web services.

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